Eating A Huge Turkish Breakfast in Istanbulby The Food Ranger   3 years ago


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After eating this monster Turkish breakfast in Istanbul, Turkey, my local buddy and I were so happy. Turkish food is awesome! We ate it on the street, outside of a local Turkish breakfast joint! Please like:

We went to the local Turkish Breakfast joint just up the hill from the Galata tower in Taksim, just down the street from Taksim square. It was called Van Kahvaltı Evi. We paid 60 TL for a full breakfast for two, complete with way too much food. Their menu was really extensive, and offered many local specialty foods. Here are some of the local foods that we tried on the street while enjoying the Istanbul lifestyle.

Turkish sausage + Scrambled eggs + Tomatoes
Pastrami fried eggs
Fried wheat flour
Tahini Molasses
Assorted cheeses
Tomatoes + Cucumbers
Clotted cream
Sundried tomato paste
Turkish tea

And we were full! It was truly a wonderful meal! I fell in love with Turkish cuisine more and more after every meal I ate, and found Turkish people to be very friendly and hospitable. If you're thinking about visiting Turkey, go travel there for sure! If you are a local, you know that Turkey has some of the best food in the world!

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