ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Casey Neistatby CaseyNeistat   5 years ago


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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a triumph for all non-profit fund raising. The revenue generated from this super fun campaign is supported a great cause and I hope it pushes ALS research closer to finding a cure.

Since I was already covered in ice water I thought why not take a minute to highlight a handful of other organizations doing great work.

Leave Out Violence (LOVE) was created to reduce and help eliminate violence in the lives of youth and our communities by initiating a movement of youth spokespeople who communicate a message of non-violence.

The Endangered Species Coalition works hard to protect our nation's disappearing wildlife.

Charity:Water helps people in developing nations who lack access to clean water.

The ASPCA works to prevent animal cruelty and finds homes for pets that need adoption.

The Coalition for the Homeless Helps people find affordable housing, sufficient food and the chance to work for a living wage.

I am also a big supporter of Treat The Pain an organization that provides pain medication to those who need it most, terminally ill people in developing nations with little access to medicine of any kind.

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