Enigma's Exasperation (Dota 2 SFM - TI5 Short Film Contest winner)by Maxime Lebled   3 years ago


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▶ Enigma comes down to the battlefield, and meets his allies.
▶ Social media stuff: http://twitter.com/MaxLebled & http://facebook.com/MaxLebledAnim
▶ Check out the behind-the-scenes video here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=nFwJ7vFzgpk
▶ Want more Dota SFM videos? Check out this playlist! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGFNwGMKqgex1B3lpBlshyeqzrYeq_5CS


Maxime "MaxOfS2D" Lebled (yours truly)
All animation, all SFM work, editing & post, Enigma remodel rigging & tech, Enigma voice acting

Lawrence "Lozeng3r" Rippingale
Custom particles, technical SFM help

Michael "Hawf" Shilliday
Enigma remodel, 2D artwork and additional models


Big thanks to fellow Steam Workshop artists around the world for helping me bring subtitles to people who don't necessarily have a good grasp of spoken English!!

Chinese: Macy Phoo @cottonwings
Malay: @OctoSlender
Portuguese: Bruno Monti @belkuns
Russian: Michael Dembitskyi @RoboCG
Spanish: Natalia Ponce

Special thanks to Damon Reece @demanrisu who helped with the writing process a lot!


I would also like to add that I don't want my video to be used as a way to perpetuate the awful shitty stereotypes of "lol russians are bad feeders", "haha peruvian servers am i right gamers" or whatever. Please don't be like that. Not being skilled at a game (or merely being a beginner) is something that has nothing to do with where you were born or where you live. Please try your best not to be a toxic element in online communities. Thank you!