WESTWORLD Ending Explained (Ford's Master Plan, The Maze & Dolores)by New Rockstars   1 year ago


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Westworld Season 1 Ending Explained! What was Ford's master plan? What is the maze? What are the voices Dolores hears? Westworld all questions answered!

Spoilers ahead!

Westworld's season finale on HBO confirmed major theories about the timeline and the Man in Black, but other mysteries remain. Erik Voss answers all your questions from the season finale, including Ford's master plan, the maze, the bicameral mind, Maeve's escape, and Samurai World. What is the meaning of the phrase "these violent delights have violent ends"? Are Elsie and Stubbs still alive? What direction will the series go in season 2?

Watch our other video explaining Westworld's timeline and the exact chronology as revealed in the season finale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1JgaowjU90

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