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How to get someones ip address and trace Location | Find IP Address and Spy
How to trace someone location using their ip address and Spy with IP Tracker
Wie man someones Position zu verfolgen

Today In this video i'm going to show you how to trace someone location & spy using IP address.
We already know how to trace location using MAC address but now in this video u will get to know tracing location using computer or mobile Internet Protocol IP address.
Every single device which is connected with internet has a Internet Protocol address it's called IP address. Every Public IP address are different from other.It's like a identity of your device on Internet.
Through this IP address its possible to trace current location from where u using internet with that device & spy on you by using a simple Method with only your browser.
Trace IP address in 2 minutes without any technical skill andy say process
Tracing IP address of a person may be tedious and it could be done in the easiest way.
This video has a simple method to track IP address without creating any website or installing tracking code.

Steps to Trace IP address-

1. Go to
2. Enter your email address ( Doesn't work with Yahoo mails) \ You Can use Temporary Mail
3. You will get links with tracking code installed.
4. Send that link to the person once they open that link you will get and email with their IP address.
5. Go to and lookup for their IP address.

But the generated links look ugly and are not actionable, to make it more actionable follow these steps.

1. Once you get traceable link head toward and shorten that URL.
2 Edit the title and URL to make it more actionable. You can write the title like " Master tricks for Pokemon Go" or anything which are popular.
3. Send the bitly URL to the person.
4. Once they click on that link you will get 2 mails on your email.
1st mail would contain bitly bot's IP address.
2nd mail would have that person's IP address.
5. GO to and lookup for the IP.

If you shorten URL using bitly then don't get confused with bot click and IP.
Remember, till you don't send bitly URL any mail having IP address is bot's IP.

After you send URL the first mail would contain bot IP and 2nd mail would contain Person's IP address.

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