Gravitational Waves Explained Using Stick Figuresby minutephysics   2 years ago


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This video is about gravitational waves in the weak field limit as discovered by the LIGO collaboration, explained by parallels to electromagnetic radiation, sound waves, water waves, etc. I want to see Cat LIGO ASAP!

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Linearized Einstein Equations:\~mika/week10.pdf

Gravitational Wave Detection:

LIGO Mirror Test mass suspension/isolation:\_hacks/mirror\_suspension/

Power radiation from Gravitational waves of Earth-Sun system:\_wave#Power\_radiated\_by\_orbiting\_bodies

Power radiation of electromagnetic waves from accelerating charge (Larmor formula):\_formula

Strength & Directionality of Radiation from a binary source (p 12):\~schutz/download/lectures/AzoresCosmology/Schutz.AzoresLecture2.pdf

Newtonian limit of GR, Metric as gravitational potential:

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