Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Pitch Meetingby Screen Rant   10 months ago


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So Batman is finally coming to the DCEU, and since his origin story has already been done a million times, they decided to do it again. But this time in super slow motion. So the movie starts off with Batman mad at Superman because while he was fighting Zod, Batman's friend Jack got killed. Lex Luthor then orchestrates a plan to get Batman and Superman to fight each other. But this isn't your typical Lex Luthor. This one is young, has hair, likes candy and makes a lot of funny Mickey Mouse noises. His whole plan is super easy, barely an inconvenience. So Batman and Superman fight for a couple minutes until Batman realizes that Superman has a mom. Then Superman dies fighting Doomsday and we all pretend that he's going to stay dead. And Wonder Woman is there. They also send emails.

Video by Ryan George @TheRyanGeorge

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