Game of Zones - Game of Zones - 2018 NBA All-Star Special: Kyrie’s Farewellby Bleacher Report   1 year ago


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Kyrie bids farewell to Cleveland and heads for the edge of the world 🌎

Created & Directed by Adam & Craig Malamut
Lead Producer: Sarah Lowen
Supervising Producer: Kristofer Wollinger
Executive Producer: Courtney Andrialis-Vincent
Written by: Adam and Craig Malamut & Matt Hill
Storyboards: Chet Knebel
Lead Character Designer: Hal Lee
Character Design: Meredith Nolan, Sean Sullivan & Matthew Rodriguez
Lead Background Designer: Richard Silvius
Background Painting: Tom Soulen, Hyo Bin Kang & Debbie Yu
Associate Producer: Ethan Kempsell
Lead Animator: Chet Knebel
Animation: Ioana A. Nistor, Meredith Nolan, Matthew Rodriguez & Sean Sullivan
Compositing: Kristofer Wollinger & Thom Lynch
Sound Design: Robert Arrucci
Sound Mixing: Mark Steinmetz
Quality Control: Tim Coughlin, Jacob Bourne, Joey Akeley & Bryan Toporek
Voices by: Adam & Craig Malamut
Special Thanks: Howard Beck, Chris Trenchard, Maurice Peebles, Noah Jampol & Alex Mangini

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