Smash Time At Tuerck’d Australia Drift Matsuri!by Network A   4 years ago


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Tuerck’d Season 3, Ep. 8: Professional drift driver Ryan Tuerck hosts a Matsuri event put on by Drift Challenge Australia at Raleigh Raceway in New South Wales, Australia. Tuerck gets behind the wheel of a R31 Nissan Skyline Missile car Tuercking it in record time, then it’s Table Game time, who can drift closest without colliding with a pile of shredded tires? We get a look at some of the more remarkable cars at the event including a Corolla with a beams turbocharged ae86 and an Aussie original 2010 Holden UTE VE SS. The R31 makes a comeback just in time to really get destroyed and an epic weekend of drifting comes to an end.
Got questions or comments about drifting Australia or what’s the cars in this episode of Tuerck’d? Hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!
Directed by Andrew Laputka/Shoot First Media, produced by Jacob Agajanian

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