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In this video, we take a detailed look at how to answer 'Why Medicine?'. I talk about my feeling towards the question, and then we go into 7 tips from various medical students about how to answer the question. Finally, we end with 3 example answers to give you an idea of what an answer might look like.


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00:37 - My take on 'Why Medicine?'
02:58 - Tip #1 - Prepare but don't memorise
03:44 - Tip #2 - Make your answer specific to you
04:52 - Tip #3 - Use anecdotes
05:31 - Tip #4 - Be realistic, not idealistic
06:29 - Tip #5 - Be specific, even with a 'generic' answer
07:14 - Tip #6 - Speak from the heart
07:47 - Tip #7 - Try not to worry about it
08:56 - Example #1 - Ali
09:46 - Example #2 - Kenny
11:11 - Example #3 - Paul


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Disclaimer: Nothing on this channel should be taken as gospel truth. Do your own research. We're just giving you our opinions. Equally, the mock answers at the end of the video are in no way 'model answers' (if those are even a thing), so don't think you have to make your answers sound like those.

If you've got any questions, please comment down below and I'll do my best to get back to you asap.


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I'm Ali, a final year medical student at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. This vlogging thing seems quite fun so I'll be vlogging life and other things throughout the year. I'll also be featuring some videos of myself and my friends giving medicine application advice on camera :)

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