Bizarre Water Balloon in the Face!! - Part 2 | Slow Mo Labby Slow Mo Lab   5 years ago


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This experiment quickly turned into some Water Balloon in the Face Fun!! :)
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In this episode, Taras and Dima show you a cool trick - Bizarre Double Balloon Trick!! All you need for this trick is a couple of clear balloons and a couple of darker color or preferably black baloons and a magnifying glass. You blow up the clear balloon about to about one third and put the darker color balloon in it and blow it up as well. Then, you apply some magnified sun rays by using magnifying glass and the inside balloon pops. As a bonus we also tried blowing up the inside balloon to see which will pop first. The inside baloon popped every time. Pretty Crazy Experiment. You can do the same with Giant 3ft and 6ft balloons. Enjoy!

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