Chaos Theoryby ogniank   12 years ago


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Brief intro to chaos theory. Enjoy !
Chaos theory contends that complex and unpredictable results occur in systems that are sensitive to small changes in their initial conditions. This small changes effect is best illustrated and commonly known as the "Butterfly Effect" which states that the flapping of a butterfly's wings in the Amazon could cause tiny atmospheric changes which over a certain time period could effect weather patterns in New York. Such systems are known as chaotic systems.

Although chaotic systems appear to be random, they are not. Beneath the random behavior patterns emerge, suggesting, if not always revealing, order. Such pattern is The Golden Spiral, first discovered by Phythagoras, which is derived from the golden rectangle, a unique rectangle which has the golden ratio - phi.

This pattern is observed everywhere in nature such as milk in coffee, the face of a sunflower, nautilus shell, your fingerprints, our DNA, and the shape of our galaxy the Milky Way. I call it God's signature in all of his creation :), order = love.