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A few years ago Sasha and her family visited relatives for the 4th of July. They had a really nice house that was right on a lake, which was awesome, and perfect for the Holiday. They could picnic right at the water's edge, swim all day, and could see the city's massive fireworks display from across the lake without having to deal with the crowds.

So, the night of the 4th comes along and they all settle down on blankets on the shore to watch the fireworks display. The fireworks were amazing, seemed to last forever, and Sasha was thinking to herself that this was definitely the best 4th of July ever!

After the finale, Sasha started to get up but her cousin Josh pulled her back down and said "wait a minute, the show isn't over!" He told her how their neighbors always get all these illegal fireworks and launch them after the big fireworks show is done. She though 'My gosh, this is fun and a little sketchy."

The whole illegal part raised a bit of a red flag, but it also sounded kind of cool and exciting, so, they all sat back down and just then their neighbors lit and launched the first firework. Keep in mind, they were amateurs, not professionals.

They had so many fireworks, lined up and down along the beach, and they were really awesome too - like having a whole second fireworks show. The problem though was, that with any illegal fireworks you just never know when one of them, or a bunch of them might be DEFECTIVE! And one of them was. "Oh MY! she thought.

Sasha watched as a big rocket looking thing was lit nearby, it seemed normal at first, fire coming out from behind and it lifted off the beach slowly - but then - suddenly - something went wrong and, after only lifting about two or three feet off the ground, it exploded! It wasn't supposed to go off until it was really high up in the air, and it sent these little flaming pieces of metal flying in all directions. It was a fireworks show gone wrong.

Sasha and her cousin Josh dove under the blanket, just in time, but her cousin Mikella was not so lucky. A little fireball hit her right in the head and immediately set her hair on fire. She ran around in circles, screaming and crying, and luckily the flames went out pretty quickly, but not before doing some real damage. Total fail!

She was crying so hard and there were burns on her neck - she was really scared, but Sasha and her cousin calmed Mikella down by singing Katy Perry's Firework! And it worked.

She literally was like a firework - literally half of her hair was burned off and her Mom had to do some magic hair styling to get it looking right again, which she did! Well, she had to cut it pretty short, but it was cute.

Everything ended up fine, even though it could have been a total disaster. Still, it was terrifying, and it went from being the best 4th of July to one she would never forget. Fireworks 2018.

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