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AMAZING!!! The second pop looked like a huge dinosaur swallowing something!

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In this video: Taras and Dima do an ordinary thing - Pop a Balloon. But it's not a regular balloon, it's Giant 3ft Red Balloon. At first, Dima doesn't dare to blow it up with his mouse so he gets his leaf blower to do it. He puts the giant balloon on the leaf blower and the irreversible begins. Dima freaks out and breaks out a couple of screams before the Giant Pop sets him screaming and shaking (slow mo is included). After reviewing the incredible slow motion, he pulls our another balloon (this time blue). Well, and Dima is trying to make it more interesting but trying to blow up this giant balloon by mouse...Let's just say he lucky he didn't blow up his head ("would make a great slow motion" he says). The second slow mo of the Giant Balloon Pop looked simply incredible - it looked like a dinosaur opening and shutting his mouse to eat his prey!
Enjoy the incredible slow motion compilation!

ABOUT US: Taras (Crazy Russian Hacker) and Dima film a lot of cool video. Some of the clips they film in slow motion are: science experiments, fireworks reviews/testing, explosions, shooting bullets, demonstrations, compilations, and so much more!. Some of their best examples of their work include: dry ice explosion, works explosion, dry ice bomb, watermelon exploding, battery exploding etc.
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Тарас и Дима делают много разных приколов для видео. Они любят снимать разные видео: эксперементы (по физике, для дитей, эскперементы в домашних условиях, эксперементы с микроволновкой), врывы, слоy моушен, слоу мо, замедленная съемка. сухой лед и многое другое,

Below are some of their best examples of their work:
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