How to Make the 80 Pound PVC Longbow Part 1by BackyardBowyer   8 years ago


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Hey everybody, today we'll be building an 80 pound longbow with PVC pipe, the same one in my last shooting video. This is the first part in which we'll flatten the limbs and shape the handle.

This bow is very large, while not extremely long at only 66 inches, it is wide at around 2-2.5 inches in width and it weighs a few pounds. The bow has no fillers or internal supports. While it is a bit on the bulky side, it's a good example of what can be done with a single length of PVC pipe.

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As a side note, I wanted to mention that the floor was salvaged laminate from another project over concrete. The floor was being replaced by carpet, so I made use of it. Thanks for watching and enjoy!