You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) - Michael W. Smith - Electric Guitarby ChristianGuitarComAu   6 years ago


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This is how I play You Are Holy (Prince of Peace). We do it a bit faster than this. I copied most of it from the Michael W. Smith version. The guitar riff at the start is based on a Gsus4 chord at the 12th fret. Sometimes I don't play anything in the verses, or if there is a loud vibe on the day, I play the chords as one note like I am here, with palm muting. The verse chords are G, C, A, D repeated. With the G, A, and D they are just open strings and if you lightly touch the string with your left hand and move up and down the string, you get a harmonic effect. If you really like this effect you can also do it with the C, using the heel of your right hand touching the string (and moving your picking position up and down the string) but its a lot harder to do and I usually don't bother.

The rest of it is just power chords. The chorus is C, D, E, G repeated, but on the final repeat instead of G play Asus4, then A, and then the final part of the chorus is Csus4 and Dsus4 arpeggios played as A-shape chords on the 5th and 7th frets.

There are a few open harmonics on the 5th fret thrown in as a remnant from when I used to play this on my other guitar that has a floyd. The 5th fret harmonics are the same notes as the open strings (but 2 octaves higher), so the harmonics on the D, G and B strings make a G chord (think of an open G chord), so I am playing these over the G chords.

**NOTE** There is a mistake in this, the chords in the last part of the chorus, right before the Csus4,C, Dsus4,D, should be Asus4 then A. I was playing it from memory and I didn't remember this. The first time in the video I play A then G (I knew one of the chords was A but I didn't remember what the other one was, the G sounds obviously wrong), and then the 2nd time I just play A for both, which sounds ok, but Asus4 then A sounds better. Next time I record some videos I'll do another one of this song with the proper chords!