Why your Netflix thumbnails don't look like mineby Vox   9 months ago


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A thumbnail is worth a thousand words.

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Netflix has thousands of videos to choose from for a night (or day) of marathon watching. The problem is: how do you pick what to watch? It can be daunting searching through various titles, so much so that you may end up skipping to watch anything altogether. Netflix tries to make it easier to pick titles through personalization of their site—including the thumbnails you’ll see for every piece of content in their catalog.

With thousands of videos to choose from, and more than 130 million subscriber in 190 countries, there’s a lot of potential to create some eye-catching thumbnails according to users’ tastes. So the company uses a set of algorithms to determine what images you’re more likely to click on. It’s just one streaming service on the frontier of personalizing how content is served to its viewers. Netflix’s goal is to get you engaged with their content for as long as possible. And ever changing customizable thumbnails is just one of their methods.

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