New ABC Song | Alisa's Fiery Sister Calida & Sing the English ABC Alphabet Song #ABCby Baby Learning World - Nursery Rhymes & Songs   4 years ago


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Alisa has a younger sister with fire powers, and she loves to sing the ABC song! Join Alisa and Calida as they warble a lilting duet that teaches the ABC's and new vocabulary.

The new video opens in a lush, tropical forest where Alisa is visiting her sister Calida, a young elf with the ability to make and control fire. Calida is feeling down, but Alisa knows how to improve her mood: the ABC song! Together, they weave a melody and sing through the alphabet letter by letter.

Most of the words correspond to a woodland setting - chipmunk, duck, owl, and rain, for example - and will help any child learn more English. Helpful pictures synchronized with the words make their meaning unambiguous for native and non-native English speakers alike.

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