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Sarah was born in Germany and despite the amazing and rich culture of the country, because of it's history, and WWII, and the holocaust, there can be a lot of judgments and perceptions about Germans. But of course Sarah had no idea about any of that when she and her family moved to the United States when she was just two years old.

Her mother was super excited about the move and had studied all about America and its history and culture and she wanted to visit every sate and explore. And they finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia, and really liked it. A couple of years after moving, her mother gave birth to a baby boy, her little brother! They were so happy, a complete family and a home and place they wanted to stay in forever.

But, when Sarah was in fourth grade, at school, racism reared its head - but not necessarily in the way you might think. And, it was very surprising to Sarah, after all, she went to a Christian school where they were all taught that everyone is created equal. It was a bit shocking to her that this kind of evil racism could live and thrive in a religious school, in the classroom.

Sarah wasn't bullied because of the color of her skin, or her religion or beliefs, but instead, as the kids at school began to study modern American history, and WWII, they started to accuse Sarah of being evil, and a racist, just because she was born in Germany. They were actually being racists by calling her a racist. She was accused of being a racist bet she was not because she didn't even know about what happened in German during World War II.

It's true that Germany does not have the best past when it came to acceptance and equality, but that was over 75 years ago, and Sarah learned about it at the same time that her classmates did. Nonetheless, since they knew she was from Germany they made crazy assumptions about her beliefs and that she was evil and racist.

One day she came home from school with all these questions about Germany, and its history, and World War II. She only knew the modern country that was inclusive and accepting and did amazing things for all kinds of people all over the world - and this past Germany, this "not so nice" Germany, was something she didn't understand, and definitely didn't understand why her friends and classmates were holding it against her. But that's what they did. That's what they seemed to see when the looked at her - some German soldier from 75 years ago. And that really hurt her. She was being accused of being a racist but she not.

One day her father asked her what was going on at school that had her asking all these questions about the darkest hours of Germany's history and why she seemed so unhappy. She told her dad what was happening, how everyone was teasing her for being racist and evil just because she was born in Germany. Her dad was shocked.

So, Sarah and her Mom and Dad went into the school to talk to the principal about it and she too was shocked, and upset. She set up a whole school assembly about racism and equality and taught that nobody was in a position to judge anybody else, and that we all had to actually get to know people before we could know anything about who they really were.

This message got through to a lot of the kids and since then Sarah has had a much easier time, making friends of all colors and religions and beliefs, and, even though she still does sometimes get teased and bullied for being German, it doesn't bother he so much. She knows who she is and she knows that she is not a racist. "I am a good American of German decent and I while I was accused of being a racist, I am not one and I see everyone equally as people, none more human that the other."

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