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Barbie Doll LOL Family Sugar & Spice are getting ready to go on a trip to Europe. Spice wants to bring Spice Kitty with them and Sugar wants to bring Sugar Pup, but the mom says the airline doesn't accept pets in the plane. So Spice Dad helps them come up with a plan. In the video we play with a Barbie Flight Time playset that features the airport terminal and the inside of the airplane! We also open a LOL Surprise activity kit with coloring pages, and we also open the Barbie Airplane set! #swtadlolfamilies #swtadkids #swtadbabies

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The following are the time stamps where you can find each of the activities in the video
0:02 Barbie doll family Sugar & Spice gets ready for trip
4:10 LOL Surprise Activities for Kids
5:25 Barbie airport opening and tour
7:46 Barbie airplane opening and tour

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